2. Photo Marathon - Portorož

Saturday, June 22nd 2013


You don't know it yet? Never heard of it? Never mind, this fall you can learn to know him. Attend, participate and - win. Photo Marathon is not a sports discipline, but it does require that much physical fitness, creativity and originality, that you capture the most exciting moments. 

Motives and shootings captured with the camera lens, this is the meaning of the Photo Marathon, given to all, who with pleasure seek motives and press the shutter on the camera. Photographic skills are not most important, the most counts originality with the search and directing of motives and the capture of moments on a predetermined theme. 

Experience to many more or less experienced Photographers. You can attend the Photo Marathon alone, in pairs, in groups or families, important is, that at the end of the day you return the memory card with exactly one image of each subject. All Photos will be evaluated by the commission and great prizes await the winners.

If for running or cycling the most important thing is achieving the best time, that doesn't matter for the Photo Marathon. The Winner is not the Participant, who first finishes photographing all the Themes, but the one, who brings the best captured moments.

Therfore - welcome to Portorož!

Introducing the first Maribor Photo Marathon 

Eight hours.

Ten Topics.

Countless Motives.

Captured Moments are all it counts.

Introducing the Photo Marathon.

In the whirlwind of motives